Believe it or not, the Mazda logo on the right hand side of the building in the photo above is projected from a light source 20 metres away – it isn’t normally there!

This effect is created by using a gobo in a powerful lighting fixture capable of resizing the image via an optical zoom, focussing the image to a hard or soft edge, then even colours or rotation can be added to create a really dynamic effect that is always sure to catch the eyes of your guests.

What is a gobo? A gobo gets it’s name from ‘goes-before-optics’ as it is placed between the source and optical elements of a lighting fixture.

A gobo is made by having a logo or image etched onto a small metal or glass disc which allows light to pass through where required and then blocks all other light from shining through. In this case due to the level detail a glass gobo was used – roughly the size of a 50p coin.

Below is another example where a bride and groom had designed their own custom logo for their wedding which appeared on invitations and menus, the same image could also easily be made into a gobo to be projected onto a large wall in the entrance of their venue.

For more ideas of how to incorporate custom logo projection in your next project just give us a shout.