It was never intentional, but through an exceptionally high quality and well maintained stock of multiple lamp spacing Festoons, a stock of lamp types that constantly grows and adapts with demand, and a very efficient level of service and delivery, we have amassed one of largest stocks of decorative festoon in the UK.

We’ve become a trusted and go-to supplier for large and unique Festoon Lighting requirements in both event and also TV/Film markets.

We supplied large amounts of Festoons used throughout the 2019 film ‘Last Christmas’, including this spectacular chandelier canopy.

Characteristic of fairgrounds, festivals, circus big tops, and films, festoons have become very popular for events in recent years. They are sometimes called string lights or party lights.

Festoon lighting is ideal for lighting up pathways, trees, marquees and more. A beautiful addition to weddings, proms, garden parties, festivals, barns, marquees, and other events whether used indoor or outdoor.

Widely used for creating beautiful eye-catching canopies on any scale, Festoons are incredibly versatile in their uses offering an excellent balance between decorative and practical lighting providing soft illumination of large areas.

We can meet almost any requirements, offering 4 different lamp spacings as standard, and more than a dozen lamp types.

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Digital Festoon options now available with Glasson Electronics lamps and controllers.

Festoon Lighting in Village Underground, London