Lighting is a powerful tool in creating an atmosphere for your event. Wether it be a specific feeling you’re trying to achieve or a look, lighting is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to achieve this. wether you’re hosting a workshop, networking event, conference, private party, industry event or a Christmas party. Lighting provides a creative tool you can utilise for decorative or practical purposes. The event lighting design curated for your event provides a bespoke visual feature obtaining the desired feel.

Here are 8 lighting techniques that can be applied to any event and designed to suite the theme, desired look or feel you are looking to achieve.

Festoon Lighting

Super easy to setup, adaptable to suit any space with a variety of bulb and intensity options as well as design configurations from festoon chandeliers to table designs and more.

Gobo Lighting

Choose from a generic design like a blossom effect or have gobos specifically designed for your event. Present any design feature you desire from logos, shapes, patterns and more.

Moving Lights

Add an immersive twist to your event with moving lights. Incorporate movement transitions, colour changes, gobo designs and more to transition your event as it progresses or to switch the focus of your attendees from different elements around the room.

Pinspot Lighting

The perfect tool for guiding your attendees focus, creating a mood, or providing focal points within a low light level space. Useful for adding light to floral centrepieces, stationary elements, signage, ceiling installations, cake tables and more.


For larger venues with higher ceilings. Chandeliers are a great way to lower the overhead level and create a more intimate feel to your event. Choose from a variety of chandelier designs from traditional crystal styles, to festoon chandeliers to Astera tube designs.


Add architectural uplighting to your venue, if its a venue with historical features accentuate these using uplighters in your brand colours, reduce the overall brightness of the event by combining uplighting with other dimmable lighting options and create an overall ambiance.


Perfect for creating an immersive party atmosphere, sharing important information or adding an extra dimension to the lighting configurations in the room. Projections are a unique elements and the content you choose to display adds a personalised feature to the event.

Architectural lighting

Uplighting, spots and washes all provide the lighting basis to add architectural lighting to your venue for practical or decorative purposes. Light the way for guests along the outside areas of the venue, incorporate inside to accentuate high ceilings or wall features.

What’s the overall desired feel of your event?

Is it calm, elegance, mystery, warmth, excitement, tranquility or passion? Achieve your desired feel through carefully curated lighting elements.

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