Wireless Uplighters – Event Lighting Made Easy

Almost any event will hugely benefit from the addition of production lighting, being one of – if not the easiest way to transform a venue or event space.

Now whilst there are almost infitite levels of lighting options available, the simplest and most cost effective way to add a little wow factor that you can even do yourself without any technical background or knowledge is the use of some battery powered uplighters.

Cinemattag stock Chauvet WELL Fit Uplighters in both chrome and black housings to suit all environments and themes.

With an approximate battery life of 8 (all LEDs full) to 20 (single colour) hours, they’ll see you through until the end of your event and can even be moved mid-event between areas if required.

We most often find ourselves using the uplighters in warm white tones for decorative lighting at weddings, with the option of then being changed to static colours or colour chases for the evening celebrations. But their applications are endless, including exhibitions, stage sets, product launches, or any other event where mood lighting is required.

Using the optional wireless DMX control the uplighters can be remotely programmed as part of complex lighting designs and light shows, allowing placement of fixtures where other units would be limited by available power points.

As if they didn’t already seem appealling enough, these uplighters are also IP65 rated, meaning they’re completely weather proof so can be used outside even in torrential rain.

Supplied in cases of 6, these uplighters charge in their cases, taking just 5 hours to fully charge, perfect for roadshows or intense use events.

The Chauvet WELL Fits are available to hire from just £120.00+VAT per case for a day or £240.00+VAT for a week hire.

Get in touch for a quotation or simply submit a no-obligation order through our website and we’ll get one sent over for you promptly.

Custom Logo Projection

Believe it or not, the Mazda logo on the right hand side of the building in the photo above is projected from a light source 20 metres away – it isn’t normally there!

This effect is created by using a gobo in a powerful lighting fixture capable of resizing the image via an optical zoom, focussing the image to a hard or soft edge, then even colours or rotation can be added to create a really dynamic effect that is always sure to catch the eyes of your guests.

What is a gobo? A gobo gets it’s name from ‘goes-before-optics’ as it is placed between the source and optical elements of a lighting fixture.

A gobo is made by having a logo or image etched onto a small metal or glass disc which allows light to pass through where required and then blocks all other light from shining through. In this case due to the level detail a glass gobo was used – roughly the size of a 50p coin.

Below is another example where a bride and groom had designed their own custom logo for their wedding which appeared on invitations and menus, the same image could also easily be made into a gobo to be projected onto a large wall in the entrance of their venue.

For more ideas of how to incorporate custom logo projection in your next project just give us a shout.

Glasson Digital Festoon Lighting

Digital Festoon takes standard festoon lighting and adds complete DMX control of each individual RGBW lamp. Vivid colours can be created by mixing the RGB LEDs and then the addition of white allows for softer pastel shades.

Popular for theatrical shows and light installations; the exceptionally high quality Glasson Electronics DFS3000 series offers unparalleled versatility.

The Glasson lamps are perfect for use in TV and Film production offering flicker free colour fading and dimming.

As with our generic festoon we have one of the largest stocks of digital festoon in the UK offering a range of length and lamp spacing options to suit all requirements.



The Glasson PSUs are very clever boxes that allow the use of standard 16A cabling and ES Festoon harnesses, the only special bits are the PSU and the Lamps themselves. When installing the Digital Festoons they would be setup as below.

DMX Console > Glasson PSU > Standard 16A Cabling/Splitters > Festoon Cables with Glasson Lamps


You can create complex designs just by using 16A cabling and splitters, multiple strings can be run in parallel from one PSU, each string would be limited to maximum of 100 metres.

Our DFS3000 lamps are the Super High Intensity RGBW versions, with a 5000K white. You can run up to 100 of these lamps from the RM200 PSU.


Each RGBW lamp requires 4 DMX channels and is individually re-addressable using the Hand Programmer to allow complete customisation of the installation.

The DMX start address is set on the PSU, you then program each lamp by telling it which number lamp in the chain it is – not it’s DMX address.

So for example, based on a PSU DMX start address of 1: LAMP 1 would respond to DMX channels 1-4, LAMP 2 = 5-8, LAMP 3 = 9-12, and so on.

All lamps will be programmed as LAMP 1 when supplied. where they have been tested. The addressing must be done as the lamps are installed, it cannot be done remotely a

Needless to say this will consume a lot of DMX channels very quickly. If you want to create a simpler design you can address multiple lamps to the same lamp number and they will all respond to the same DMX channels regardless of where they are physically placed in the festoon.

So for example you can have LAMP 1LAMP 2LAMP 3LAMP 4LAMP 1LAMP 2LAMP 3LAMP 4LAMP 1, etc. This allows the creation relatively simple chase effects that would only consume a total 16 DMX channels.

If you have any questions about our Digital Festoon please get in touch.

Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spots and Rogue R3 Washes Hire

Cinemattag stock the feature rich Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spots and Rogue R3 Washes.

The Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spot boasts a powerful 350W LED Source and an impressive range of features rivalling many fixtures above it’s class.

Including CMY colour mixing, a wide 7° to 33° 5:1 zoom, static and rotating gobo wheels, a colour wheel, 3 facet prism, iris, and variable frost filter.

Additionally the MK1 Spot uses either 22 or 29 DMX channels and can be controlled by DMX, Art-Net, or Wireless DMX featuring a built-in antenna.

An ideal fixture to accompany the MK1s are the Chauvet R3 Washes.

With 37 x 15W RGBW LEDs the R3 offers a punchy 21000 lux at 12° and 1902 lux at 49° both at 5 metres.

A fast 12° to 49° zoom offers versatility as both a soft beam and wash, combined with 9 zones of LED control it can also create some cool eye candy effects.

4 DMX personalities and 4 dimming curves allow the R3 to adapt to a wide range of applications.

Hire rates start from £70.00+VAT for the MK1 Spots and £45.00+VAT for the R3 Washes.

Get in touch today for a quotation, long term hire and trade rates also available.

ETC ColorSource Range Hire

The ETC ColorSource range represents an excellent balance of performance and value, with the build quality and versatility of an ETC fixture but with affordable hire rates.

Cinemattag stocks the ETC RGB-L ColorSource Spot Engines and ColorSource Par fixtures.

The ETC ColorSource Spot Engines are fully compatible with all ETC Source Four accessories and are available to hire with fixed lenses (10°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, or 70°), or zoom lenses (15-30°, or 25-50°). Gobo holders, irises, top hats etc are also available if required.

When a spot just won’t do the ETC LED Source Four Fresnel lens can be fitted to the engines providing a versatile wash fixture available with or without barndoors.

Utilising the same RGB-L source as the Spots, the ETC ColorSource Pars are a perfect accompanyning fixture to the lighting rig.

The Pars have a fixed beam angle of 14.5° but the fixtures are supplied with medium and wide round lens filter frames to allow some margin of control.

With hire rates starting from £24.00+VAT for the ColorSource Spots and £12.00+VAT for the ColorSource Pars with long term hire and trade rates also available you can get more than you might think for your budget.

Get in touch for a quotation or for further details.

Sennheiser IEM G4s added to hire stock!

We’ve recently purchased several Sennheiser IEM G4 kits that are now available to hire.

These industry standard kits are perfect for all kinds of performances requiring a high quality and reliable in ear monitoring solution.

Available to hire in single kits, or 4 way racks which include antenna distribution and either a directional or omni-directional antenna.

Sennheiser G4 IEM Hire