Glasson Digital Festoon Hire

Glasson DFS3000 RGBW SH Lamps

Digital Festoon takes standard festoon lighting and adds complete DMX control of each individual RGBW lamp. Vivid colours can be created by mixing the RGB LEDs and then the addition of white allows for softer pastel shades.

Popular for theatrical shows and light installations; our exceptionally high quality Glasson Electronics DFS3000 DMX Festoon hire series offers unparalleled versatility.

The Glasson lamps are perfect for use in TV and Film production offering flicker free colour fading and dimming.

As with our generic festoon we have one of the largest stocks of digital festoon in the UK offering a range of length and lamp spacing options to suit all requirements.

  • RGBW Super High Intensity version, smooth dimming even at low intensities
  • IP65
  • Each RM200 Power Supply can drive up to 100 lamps

Week £2+VAT

Glasson RM200-48 PSU

The Glasson PSUs are very clever boxes that allow the use of standard 16A cabling and ES Festoon harnesses, the only special bits are the PSU and the Lamps themselves.

  • 13A in
  • XLR out (supplied with XLR to 16A adaptor)
  • 5 pin DMX in (no out)

Week £24+VAT

Digital Festoon Cables

  • Black cable, ES lamps and lampholders
  • IP54 (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)
  • 16A in and 16A out (connectable but care must be taken to not exceed the rating of the mains supply or festoon cable)

0.25 Metre Lamp Spacing

  • 5 Metre with 20 Lamps
  • 10 Metre with 40 Lamps
  • 20 Metre with 80 Lamps

0.5 Metre Lamp Spacing

  • 5 Metre with 10 Lamps
  • 10 Metre with 20 Lamps
  • 20 Metre with 40 Lamps

1 Metre Lamp Spacing

  • 10 Metre with 10 Lamps
  • 20 Metre with 20 Lamps
  • 50 Metre with 50 Lamps