Astera LED Titan Tubes – 8 Unit Kit


Incredibly versatile battery powered wireless LED pixel tubes, supplied with a range of mounting options.

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Hire Astera LED Titan Tubes, supplied as complete 8 unit kits including the PowerBox as well as mounting accessories.

The Astera LED Titan Tube has become one of the popular LED batten/tube fixtures in the industry. Offering unparalled versatility as both a practical and decorative luminaire, at home onstage and on set alike.

Featuring RGBMA LEDs (red, green, blue, mint, and amber), each tube has 16 individually controllable pixels.

The Titan Tube has a powerful built-in battery. With the “seamless runtime” technology, it can be set to a specific length of time to ensure that your lights won’t run out of battery while still getting the maximum brightness. When displaying white light in maximum brightness, it will last 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Wirelessly control the tubes using the intuitive AsteraApp or using CRMX/W-DMX via the optional AsteraBox which we also have in stock. The app feature tons of static colour pallettes as well as colour chases, including sound to light modes.

Alternatively for fixed or longer term installations, the Titan Tubes can PowerBox can be removed from the charging case and drive the tubes using the optional combined power/data cables. The power/data cable connection is not IP rated, so is not suitable for use outdoors.


  • RGBMA LEDs (red, green, blue, mint, and amber)
  • 16 individully controllable pixels
  • Wireless control via the AsteraApp or CRMX/W-DMX via the optional AsteraBox
  • Wired control via the optional combined Power/Data cables
  • IP65
  • Weight: 1.35kg per tube


  • 8 x Titan Tubes
  • 1 x PowerBox
  • 16 x EyeBolts
  • 16 x Holders
  • 16 x Babypins
  • 8 x Stands
  • 8 x Waterproof Charging Port Covers
  • 1 x Charging Flightcase with 13A to powerCON TRUE1 Adaptor and 8 x Short DC Extension Cables for charging