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Digital Festoon takes standard festoon lighting and adds complete DMX control of each individual RGBW lamp. Vivid colours can be created by mixing the RGB LEDs and then the addition of white allows for softer pastel shades.

Popular for theatrical shows and light installations; our exceptionally high quality Glasson Electronics DFS3000 DMX Festoon hire series offers unparalleled versatility.

The Glasson lamps are perfect for use in TV and Film production offering flicker free colour fading and dimming.

As with our generic festoon we have one of the largest stocks of digital festoon in the UK offering a range of length and lamp spacing options to suit all requirements.



The Glasson PSUs are very clever boxes that allow the use of standard 16A cabling and ES Festoon harnesses, the only special bits are the PSU and the Lamps themselves. When installing the Digital Festoons they would be setup as below.

DMX Console > Glasson PSU > Standard 16A Cabling/Splitters > Festoon Cables with Glasson Lamps


You can create complex designs just by using 16A cabling and splitters, multiple strings can be run in parallel from one PSU, each string would be limited to maximum of 100 metres.

Our DFS3000 lamps are the Super High Intensity RGBW versions, with a 5000K white. You can run up to 100 of these lamps from the RM200 PSU.


Each RGBW lamp requires 4 DMX channels and is individually re-addressable using the Hand Programmer to allow complete customisation of the installation.

The DMX start address is set on the PSU, you then program each lamp by telling it which number lamp in the chain it is – not it’s DMX address.

So for example, based on a PSU DMX start address of 1: LAMP 1 would respond to DMX channels 1-4, LAMP 2 = 5-8, LAMP 3 = 9-12, and so on.

All lamps will be programmed as LAMP 1 when supplied. where they have been tested. The addressing must be done as the lamps are installed, it cannot be done remotely a

Needless to say this will consume a lot of DMX channels very quickly. If you want to create a simpler design you can address multiple lamps to the same lamp number and they will all respond to the same DMX channels regardless of where they are physically placed in the festoon.

So for example you can have LAMP 1, LAMP 2, LAMP 3, LAMP 4, LAMP 1, LAMP 2, LAMP 3, LAMP 4, LAMP 1, etc. This allows the creation relatively simple chase effects that would only consume a total 16 DMX channels.

If you have any questions about our Digital Festoon please get in touch.


  • Black cable, ES lamps and lampholders
  • IP54 (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)


  • Festoon Cables: 16A in and 16A out (connectable but care must be taken to not exceed the rating of the mains supply or festoon cable)

Length/Lamp Spacing Options:

0.25 Metre Lamp Spacing

  • 5 Metre with 20 Lamps
  • 10 Metre with 40 Lamps
  • 20 Metre with 80 Lamps

0.5 Metre Lamp Spacing

  • 5 Metre with 10 Lamps
  • 10 Metre with 20 Lamps
  • 20 Metre with 40 Lamps

1 Metre Lamp Spacing

  • 10 Metre with 10 Lamps
  • 20 Metre with 20 Lamps
  • 50 Metre with 50 Lamps

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