Glasson Calesco Warm White Filament + RGB Effects Ring Lamps


Glasson Calesco Lamps Hire, with Warm White Filament + RGB Effects Ring.

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Digital Festoon lighting hire featuring Glasson Calesco Lamps, with Warm White Filaments + RGB Effects Ring.

Digital Festoon takes standard festoon lighting and adds complete DMX control of each individual RGBW lamp. Using an incredibly simple wiring strategy and standard 2 core festoon cable. The combined power/data system allowing individual control of each LED lamp. Lamps are addressed via the hand programmer, with the DMX start address being set on the PSU.

New to our stock, the Calesco system brings a true tungsten style filament effect to productions where the warmth and glow of traditional incandescent lamps is required. The beautifully warm filaments and highly reflective mounting structure create a light output nion indistinguishable from tungsten lamps. The lamps are comparable to 40W incandescent lamp in brightness, perfect for use in stage shows and in film and TV.

Alternatively, the ever popular DFS3000 system allows the creation of vivid colours using RGB LED colour mixing. Additionally, the white LEDs allow for softer pastel shades. These robust lamps feature an opaque cap, available in either dome or globe shapes. Warm (3000K) or cold (5000K) white versions further increase the range of possible colour reproduction.

Popular for theatrical shows and light installations; our exceptionally high quality Calesco and DFS3000 DMX Festoon hire series offers unparalleled versatility. Both systems are perfect for use in TV and Film production offering flicker free colour fading and super smooth dimming, even at low intensities.

As with our generic festoon we have a large range of length and lamp spacing options to suit all requirements.

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  • W+RGB filament lamp with RGB base ring, output comparable to a 40W tungsten lamp, super smooth dimming
  • 4 DMX channel control
  • IP66
  • Each VP700-80 Power Supply can drive up to 100 lamps


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