LED Profiles

Hire LED Profiles featuring the ETC ColorSource Spot. Cost-effective LED Source Four RGB-L LED Profile Hire.

Available with either Fixed or Zoom Lenses, as well as accessories including gobo holders, irises, and top hats. Top hats help reduce unwanted light spill and glare when fixtures are visible to the audience.

The ColourSource Spot offers an excellent budget friendly alternative to the Source Four Lustr range, whilst delivering the same high quality light output you expect from ETC fixtures.

The engines utilise a RGB-L (red, green, blue, and lime) LUXEON® Rebel LED emitter array. The lime emitter is automatically added where required to increase spectral reach and colour depth. Optically calibrated and features LED droop compensation.

These LED profiles are perfect for gobo projections and washes, whether in white tones or vivid colours. Incredibly smooth dimming coupled with very low fan noise allows them to blend in exceptionally well with conventional lanterns. Ideal for theatre performance venues and exhibition spaces. Furthermore, consuming just 166W they represent significant power savings over their generic counterparts whilst simultaneously fulfilling the roles of multiple lanterns.

In the absence of a DMX console, the fixtures have built in static colour programs, as well as variable speed chases. When powering on or after regaining a control signal, units will fade in as opposed to snap on.

We also stock fresnel and cyc lens attachments for the ColorSource engines, allowing for uniformity throughout your rig, resulting in simpler programming. PowerCON in and out makes cabling multiple fixtures together easy.

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