Moving Lights

Hire Moving Lights, the ultimate in powerful and versatile feature packed lighting fixtures.

A range of moving head spot, wash, profile, and beam fixtures. Our hire stock is designed to meet the diverse lighting requirements of stage and theatre shows, dance, conferences, and exhibitions.

Spot fixtures are feature rich units with a myriad of lighting design possibilities. Colour wheels and CMY mixing, alongside gobo and prism wheels create impressive visuals. Alongside zoom as well as iris and frost options the spots can even serve as wash fixtures in some cases.

Profiles offer all of the features spot type moving heads with the addition of rotatable framing shutter systems. The individual contrallable shutter blades in the same way as manual profile spot fixtures. Allowing you to shape the light as required, such as framing logos and set elements, or to prevent unwanted light spill. The obvious advantage of these fixtures is the ability to rig them up and out the way then focus them remotely.

Wash heads are fantastic workhorse fixtures in any lighting rig. Perfect for key light as deep and vivid colour washes. With built in zoom they can fit in to any size venue space with ease.

Beam luminaires are best suited to dynamic and exciting lighting displays with impressive mid air aerial effects when combined with haze special effects. Often used in sheer numbers on top of a workhorse lighting rig of spot and wash lights.

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