Lighting/AV Design & Production

Lighting/AV Design & Production


Immersive lighting designs from stage shows to live events utilising the latest moving lights and LED technology.


Custom audio solutions for all event requirements, designed to deliver optimum coverage and power to your audience.


Get your message seen with our range of video and display solutions, plus content creation and management services.


Since starting out in 2009, Cinemattag has grown to become a trusted and professional supplier of high end lighting and audio solutions for all kinds of events. Having worked hard to build a reputation for eye-catching lighting designs in some of the most beautiful venues around, we have developed excellent working partnerships with venues and other suppliers alike.

Specialising in unique decorative lighting schemes and powerful audio solutions for events that demand only the very best, our experienced technicians and designers will work with you deliver an event to be remembered.

With a focus on creative ideas for cutting edge events our passion for immersive experiences knows no bounds. Utilising our extensive stock of industry leading equipment maintained to the highest standards we aim to deliver clean and elegant solutions to suit any venue and application.

Whether it be themed parties, dance shows, weddings, corporate events, product launches or any other event you’re planning, we believe in going beyond conventional technical production to create something that you see, hear, and feel.

The Magical Secret Supper Parties
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Festoon Lighting – A Beautiful Addition To Any Event
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Wireless Uplighters – Event Lighting Made Easy
Almost any event will hugely benefit from the addition of production lighting, being one of - if not the easiest way to transform a venue...
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