We specialise in all areas of live event production.

All kinds of events and shows benefit from professionally technical production, across the disciplines of lighting, audio, and video.

Through our extensive experience in show lighting, we aim to bring immersive lighting designs to life both on stage and off. We feel lighting is an important part of almost any event or production, whether decorative or practical.

Decorative mood lighting is one of the most dramatic and eye catching, yet also one of the most cost effective ways of transforming an event space, all whilst not physically changing it. Highlighting a venue’s features and focal points with uplighting and gobo washes can compliment it’s architecture and accentuate its character.

When done properly, audio often goes unnoticed unlike eye catching lighting or video features. Clear sound reinforcement is important for both small private events as well as larger conferences or shows. Comprised of well thought out speaker systems designed for even coverage across the event space, providing clarity for all guests.

Almost every project requires something different. Our diverse range of mains amplifier driven systems, battery powered columns, and even outdoor weatherproof speakers meet the needs of even the most demanding projects.

Crystal clear high definition audio visual is the backbone of any important presentation, conference, exhibtion, or awards ceremony.

The focus of many conferences and awards ceremonies is the keynote speech, ensure your presentation impresses your guest with a state of the art video display. We have numerous solutions to offer, including large TVs, projection screens, as well as modular LED walls.

We can also handle your content creation, working with you to bring your vision to life across all media mediums. Anything’s possible and we’re always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of guest experiences.

Get in touch to begin creating something your guests will truly remember.