Architectural lighting hire and design, complimenting and accentuating building features.

We offer various lighting options for all kinds of architectural applications, whether it be for one night events or longer term installations. Using industry standard lighting fixtures along with power and rigging infrastructure to support. We can deliver impressive displays to bring your project to life in sophisticated warm or cold white designs, or vivid colours.

Whether you have a specification to work to or you require a complete design service. Our staff have the expertise and experience to deliver the highest standard of production with a flare for the theatrical. From building uplighting and facade lighting, through to festival site and car park lighting. We’ve got the fixtures, know-how, and passion for the job.

Our extensive stock of outdoor weatherproof IP rated lighting compliments all kinds of architectural features. Including small discreet uplighters, large LED wash lights, as well as gobo pattern projection spotlights. Featuring rugged fixtures from reputed brands, we pride ourselves on reliability even over the course of long term lighting installations.

Extra touches such as custom gobo lighting allow your corporate logo or message to be projected onto facades. Creating dramatic and effective marketing oppurtunities for your brand. If you have product to launch, or maybe a seasonal offer, we can work with you to propose a unique and campaign feature that will impress your clientele.

Moving lights enable to us to project dynamic images that rotate, change colour and more. We can design and program entire light shows and set them to timed intervals, providing timed displays for your guests. Additionally, shows can even be synchronised to music and firework displays, the creative possibilities are truly endless.

So get in touch for more information on our architectural lighting services, and to how we can breath life into your event.