Outdoor PA System Speakers Hire for foreground and background music and public address.

Many events including seasonal installations and pop up bars utilise IP rated 100V line speakers to serve as foreground and background public address sound systems. We stock the range of rugged JBL Control speakers designed for demanding use in all weather conditions.

When done properly, audio often goes unnoticed unlike eye catching lighting or video features. Clear sound reinforcement is important for both small private events as well as larger conferences or shows. Comprised of well thought out speaker systems designed for even coverage across the event space, providing clarity for all guests.

We also stock LD Systems Maui 5 Go battery powered speaker column systems. Though not suitable for use in wet weather conditions, they are ultra portable PA solution for events in outdoor spaces such as wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions.

We stock a range of loudspeaker cabinets, catered to suit a multitude of audio requirements. Whether powerful concert or dance floor level sound, or clear and even low level background music and vocal clarity. Big speaker stacks are ideal for impressively powerful sound, whereas the ‘little and often’ approach is better suited for conferences and exhibition experiences.

Almost every project requires something different. Our diverse of mains amplifier driven systems, battery powered columns, and even outdoor weatherproof speakers meet the needs of even the most demanding projects.

For vocal and instrument reinforcement we stock a range of wired and wireless radio microphones. Presenters often have preferences when it comes to the use of handheld, lapel (tie clip), or headset microphones. Our versatile kits make personalisation easy and comfortable. Using industry standard equipment, we’ll ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

Events are often stressful, our technicians offer a calm and collected presence combined with professional know how. We’ll ensure your event runs smoothly from behind the scenes.

Get in touch with your outdoor PA system speakers requirements to learn more about the custom sound system solutions we can offer. For dry hires please see our audio department.