Another excellent show week spent working alongside the Studio One Team at The Pavilion Dance South West in Bournemouth. Providing production for their annual show. This years production included numbers from Wicked, Hairspray, Barnum, and more. Which we designed, programmed and operated stage lighting, audio & visuals for. Utilising one of our brand new projectors, the Panasonic PT-MZ780 7000 Lumens Laser Projector. Illuminating the back wall with visuals relating to each segment of the production. Our lighting spec included fixtures from our elumen8 Evora CMY300 Zoom Spots to our elumen8 Endura 1Q120 RGBW COB Zoom LED Pars

Stage Lighting

When it comes to stage lighting we are in our element. With our plethora of fixtures to choose from we have a technical specification fit for any venue. For ‘Into The Spotlight’ we used a combination of moving heads, pars, profiles, and fresnels, in various lighting positions. Our ETC ColorSource LED Fresnels were used to produce soft stage washes highlighting the performers in white tones and vivid, complemented by ColorSource Spots in FOH positions.

Our elumen8 Evora CMY300 Zoom Spot’s provide an immensely bright 300W LED with crystal clear optics. These fixtures have an adjustable beam angle from 4.5 to 38 degrees allowing us to produce both tight beam spots to wide stage washes. We utilised these fixtures for gobo projection, spotlighting, stage washes, and more throughout the production. Tying in the gobo selection with the themes of the performances and the visuals. With CMY colour mixing we could achieve endless colour mixing to match the colour specs of each routine from props to costume and design.

Projected Visuals

This year we designed, created & programmed visuals to be projected onto the back wall of the stage. Creating an additional immersive element to the production. Using QLab we programmed & cued visuals to coincide with the soundtrack producing time cues relating to our lighting design. Our visuals incorporated still and moving animations linking to each segment of the show. For ‘Wicked’ we selected a combination of moving and static imagery. Including a green circular star animations as well as a rainbow still projection. Not only were the projections selected based on the soundtrack but also the costume design and lighting configuration.

Show Photowall Feature

Studio One wanted to create a photo wall opportunity that reflected the theme of the show for their audience to interact with when arriving at the theatre. For this we incorporated a golden shimmery sequin backdrop with Astera Tubes suspended on the front at different heights. This created an eye catching centrepiece for the reception of the theatre for guests to interact with.

If you have an upcoming dance show or stage production then get in touch to learn more about the technical production services we offer.