Our applications & uses so far

The Astera LED Titan Tube has become one of the most popular LED batten/tube fixtures in the industry. Offering unparalleled versatility as both a practical and decorative luminaire, at home, onstage and on set alike. Already this year we have used these versatile, impressive tubes in application at weddings, theatrical shows and private parties. In all scenarios their long battery life, array of colours and patterns, as well as their slim diverse fixtures makes them the perfect choice for any scenario as they can be setup literally anywhere!

Featuring RGBMA LEDs (red, green, blue, mint, and amber), each tube has 16 individually controllable pixels. A personal favourite feature about this fixture is the ability to control the tubes via the intuitive AsteraApp. This makes it quick and easy to set up an eye catching display, for example a photo wall. Controlling the colours, patterns and brightness all from your phone. The app feature tons of static colour palettes as well as colour chases, including sound to light modes. Alternatively for longer installations or stage setups the tubes can be controlled via CRMX/W-DMX via the AsteraBox.

Wedding Lighting

We recently designed, installed & operated a spectacular wedding setup at Lulworth Castle in Wareham. Utilising the Astera Tubes as a lighting centrepiece for the evening party. The tubes combined with an array of mirror balls in a variety of sizes to create chandeliers suspended from the castle beams created this magical party vibe with multiple dimensions. The chandeliers each incorporated 9 mirror balls in a variety of sizes from 30cm to 75cm as well as 8 tubes. As well as the tubes the setup incorporated 8 elumen8 Evora 850s, 6 focused on the mirror balls and the remaining 2 projecting gobos onto the back wall.

Band Lighting

The Astera Tubes make an excellent fixture for band lighting, they are diverse in where they can be setup with the ability to be suspended, mounted or situated on stands on the floor. Their battery life allows them to be moved around freely during the event or used for multiple bands in different configurations adding diversity to the setup. Last year we used the Astera tubes as a feature fixture along the back wall of a setup for a band performance at a wedding. They added additional colour and chase patterns to the lighting design as well as creating bright beams of light for photos.

Photo Backdrop

If you’re thinking of creating a photo backdrop for guests to interact with the Astera Tubes are an excellent addition to any photo backdrop design. Their diverse colour & pattern options means they can tie in with any design as well as being installed in a variety of configurations or shapes. Simply attach to the frame of the backdrop or suspend from the front to create a bright but dimmable lighting aspect to the event feature.

We recently created a photo backdrop for Studio One, where we provided theatrical lighting, audio and visuals for their annual show as well as designing this photo backdrop for the entrance to the theatre. With the show titled “Into The Spotlight” we wanted to create a bright shiny photo backdrop that represented a spotlight moment. The audience loved it and many took up the opportunity to take photos infront of the backdrop to keep as memories from the show. Due to their long battery life, throughout 3 days of matinee and evening performances we were able to use the tubes only recharging them once throughout the 3 days.

The Astera tubes are diverse in application, adaptable to any design adding an extra dimension to the setup. We have utilised the tubes in our own designs as well as hiring them out for dry hire to other creators to use for their own events. If you’re looking to add an extra bit of colour or an additional feature to your event, contact us today for more details.